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Lead Safe & Healthy Homes Program

911 N 7th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83201


City of Pocatello Lead Safe & Healthy Homes Program

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Contact Information


House Information

Do you live within Pocatello City limits?

Note: Funding is limited to households in Pocatello City limits or those receiving city services.


Do you own or rent your home?

Was your home built on or before 1978?

Does a child age 5 or under reside in your home?

Does a child age 5 or under frequently visit your home (at least 6 hours per week, 10 weeks per year)?

Does a pregnant woman reside in your home?

Is there any peeling paint inside or outside your home?

Income Information

FY2024 CDBG Income Limits

Do you meet the income guidelines above? Include income of all members in the household. An unborn child counts as one member.

Program Information

Thank you for your answers! A team member will be following up with you about your qualifications.