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Human Relations Advisory Committee

Holli Harnsberger
HRAC Staff Liasion
911 N 7th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201


Human and Civil Rights Award Nomination Form


The Human Relations Advisory Committee advises the Mayor and City Council on actions the council might take to remedy human relations and civil rights concerns in the city. It also serves as a forum in which citizens or groups of citizens may informally present grievances, concerns, and proposals. The committee investigates the quality of equal rights, privileges, and opportunities for all residents of Pocatello and develops programs to educate the public about current human relations and civil rights concerns in the city. Membership is open to anyone living in the greater Pocatello area.

The Committee is seeking nominations of organizations and individuals for our annual Human and Civil Rights Award. Nominations should be based upon one or more of the following criteria:

  • Helped protect and advance human and civil rights of Pocatello residents
  • Promoted human rights training and programs
  • Worked to eradicate discrimination
  • Promoted equal educational opportunity and access for all
  • Worked to improve inter-group relations
  • Worked to eliminate hate motivated incidents and/or harassment
  • Worked to reduce violence and promote peace
  • Worked to gain a greater voice for all in policy and decision-making
  • Helped to eliminate stereotyping in the community
  • Worked to educate others about extremists who threaten the human and civil rights of others
  • Worked to promote educational opportunity for physically and/or mentally challenged individuals
  • Worked to build more effective family, school and community partnerships

Please complete the nomination form below in full. The deadline for nominations is June 9, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. We thank you in advance for your participation and nominations!




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