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Pocatello Police Department

911 North 7th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho 83201


Camera Surveillance Registration Program

The Pocatello Police Department (PPD) is always looking for better ways to serve our community. One way to do that is to work cooperatively with our citizens and businesses. When investigating crimes, it helps us tremendously to have any video footage of the suspects. The PPD is implementing a camera surveillance registration program that will allow the PPD to keep a record of all homes and businesses that register their camera systems with us. This will allow our officers and detectives to make contact with the owners in a timely manner to hopefully solve crimes faster. Please take a couple of minutes to complete the registration below. It might just be what solves a crime. All of your information will remain confidential.

Are you registering a home or business?



Legal Disclaimer
Participating in this program is strictly voluntary and there is no cost associated with registration. Registering your information does not provide the PPD direct access to your camera. You may delete your registration at any time. Information provided to the PPD about camera systems will be for official use only. Owners' personal information will not be distributed except as required by law or court order. Information submitted may be disclosed if requested per the Idaho Freedom of Information Act. Your information will only be accessed by law enforcement personnel who are investigating a crime in the area of your camera. You will only be contacted by the PPD during a criminal investigation and police officers or detectives will only request a copy of any video captured on your camera if the video can help in the investigation of the crime

Terms and Conditions