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Application for PROPOSED EVENTS

Event Proposal Applications must be received by the Pocatello Parks & Recreation Department (P&R Dept.) no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled date of the event and may be submitted as early as one (1) year before the event.


The City of Pocatello recognizes events as an important part of Pocatello.  Each year, the City of Pocatello receives many requests from individuals and groups to conduct events in City parks.  These events enhance tourism, provide economic benefits to businesses, promote cultural diversity, and provide affordable entertainment.  The City of Pocatello’s event process has been designed to ensure these events are enjoyable and safe.

An event is defined as a preplanned single gathering, one-day event, or reoccurring gathering or event of entertainment, cultural, recreational, educational, political, religious, or sporting nature, or of any other nature that:

  1. Is open to the public.
  2. Is held at a City park;
  3. Impacts City parks and common areas, or City resources.
  4. May or may not have vendors advertising, selling, giving away goods, information, or services, or collecting donations. 
  5. Unless otherwise permitted to do so, proposes to sell serve alcohol publicly; or,
  6. Intends to broadcast amplified sound or generate unusual noise.

Examples of events include, but are not limited to, these types of events:

Fun Runs, Church Services, one-day fundraisers, fairs, group gatherings or meetings, festivals, community events, mass participation sports (such as marathons and running events, bicycle races or tours, sports tournaments), and/or other organized activities conducted for common or collective use.

Excluded from this requirement are venues that are permitted to hold such activities according to the property’s zoning designation or through an approved Special Use Permit.

Please be aware that Events held in designated parks require prior approval. Upon approval, additional permits may be required through the Parks & Recreation Dept. Therefore, the applicant may be required to fill out additional permit applications.

Please note upon approval of your event you will be required to pay the applicable permit fee and provide liability insurance coverage for your event.  

You may also be required to fill out additional agency permits, beyond those listed below, depending on the type, scope, and size of your event.

For each box you check "YES" you may need to fill out additional paperwork or pay additional fees. Failure to fill out the necessary permits may result in the cancellation of your event.

Please select "YES" or "NO" based on your event.

Alcohol will be sold at event:

An alcohol license can be obtained at the Pocatello Police Department.

Alcohol will be served/consumed at event:

Beer/Wine Permit can be accessed at or 

at the Pocatello Community Recreation Center located at 144 Wilson Ave.

Event will generate any type of waste that requires extra trash bins:

Contact Pocatello Sanitation Department (PSD) for more info.

Link to PSD:

Scroll to the bottom of page for Event rates

I understand that recycle bins must be provided at all events:

Contact Pocatello Sanitation Department (PSD) for more info.

Link to PSD:

Scroll to the bottom of page for Event rates

Re-read the question: Providing Recycling bins is required at all events.

Event will require extra portable toilets:

See info on restroom availability in City Parks at

Event requires usage of a pavilion in the park:

If your event is approved, the Pocatello Parks and Recreation Department will assist you with pavilion reservations. 

Will there be food at your event?

Contact the Southeast Idaho Public Health Department to verify if you need to obtain a Temporary Permit or Exception.

Event requires road closures or using the road (eg: a fun run).

You will need to apply for a Parade Permit through the Police Department.

Click here:

Event requires use of City Creek Trails, City owned Disc Golf Course(s), Ross Park Rock Climbing Area.

You will need to contact the Pocatello Outdoor Recreation Division at 208-234-6237.

I understand that the number of vendors allowed to attend my event depends on the facility selected. With no more than 25 vendors allowed at the largest venues.

Thank you for selecting YES.

You must select YES to move on to the next section.


Event Proposal Applications must be received by the Pocatello Parks & Recreation Department (P&R Dept.) no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled date of the event and may be submitted as early as one (1) year before the event.

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EVENT DESCRIPTION and PURPOSE: This section of the application is intended to provide us with information regarding your event (i.e. Who is this event supposed to attract, what is the purpose of your event, where and when do you want to have the event, times of the event, etc.).

Please be as detailed as possible. Information you provide in this section is public information and may be used for promotional purposes including, but not limited to, print, electronic and internet formats.  (upload additional pages if needed)

Upload additional pages here (if needed):

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Organization Address:

    Organization Reps Name:

    Alternate Contact Name:

    Is the Sponsoring Org a non-profit?

    Upload non-profit letter of determination:

    Click Here to Upload

    Is this an established event (3+ yrs)?:

    Will this be a reoccurring event?:

    Event Category (check all that apply):

    Will you have vendors at your event?

    If the Sponsoring Org is providing or selling food at the Event, will it be provided by the organization or an outside vendor?

    Will you have Entertainment at your event?

    Type of Entertainment (check all that apply):

    If amplification is used, I understand that our organization will be required to comply with the City's noise ordinance (9.16.070 & 080)

    Will there be any temporary structures used during event?

    If YES, what types of structures? (check all that apply):

    I understand that Tent(s)/Canopy(s) placed on grassy areas must be either weighted down or staked.

    I understand that Tent(s)/Canopy(s) placed on any hard surfaces must be weighted down.

    For tents requiring heavy duty stakes, I agree to contact PARKS staff to have sprinkler lines marked prior to placing any stakes.

    Will a generator(s) be used?

    Will you require use of the following city amenities (additional fees may apply)? (check all that apply):

    My signature below certifies that I have read and understand the above and that I have the authority to execute this application on behalf of the applicant, that the applicant will abide by the above items, the Rules and Regulations, as well as and all other directives of the City of Pocatello Facilities Use Policy, and of the City’s authorized representatives.  I also understand that it is my duty to follow up regarding the status of this application.

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