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Utility Billing Department

911 N 7th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83201


Application for Utility Service

To apply for utility service with the City of Pocatello, please complete the application below or bring a printable version of the application (PDF) to our office. You will be asked to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Warranty Deed (proof of ownership) or Lease Agreement
  • Driver’s License

Pursuant to Pocatello Municipal Code, all customers will also be required to post a utility service deposit per location:

  • $150.00 for a single family residence or
  • $130.00 for a multi-unit or commercial building

Said deposit shall be applied to the account upon closure.

Utility Service

Date to Begin Service (weekends or holidays will be postponed until the following business day)

Date Picker

Service Address

Is the mailing address for billing statements different than the service address?

Mailing Address

Relationship to Property

Statement of Compliance

Is the deed or lease in the name of a business?


PLEASE NOTE: All parties listed on the Warranty Deed or Lease Agreement will be responsible for this account and must provide the required information.

Applicant Name

Emergency Contact

Is there a co-applicant on the account?

Co-Applicant Name

Co-Applicant Emergency Contact


Is the business address different than the service address?

Business Address

Authorized Representative

Would you like to have a second authorized representative on the account?

Second Authorized Representative

NOTE: Accounts to be established under the name of a “limited liability company” or LLC are required to provide additional information for review by the City’s Legal Department. The LLC information is available upon request.


Please upload a copy of the following documents:

  • Warranty Deed (proof of ownership) or Lease Agreement
  • Driver's License

Upload Attachments

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Additional Services

Account Changes

Collection or Past Due Account Notice

Request for Service

Unpaid Account(s)

Transfer of Balance

Agreement to Terms

Applicant Consent

Applicant and Co-Applicant Consent

Applicant Signature

Choose how to sign

Optional Services

Bank Draft
Your payment amount will be deducted from a checking or savings account on the due date listed on your statement. To sign up, complete a Bank Draft Authorization form and attach a voided check.

Level Pay
Level Pay (Budget Bill) can be set up in November after 12 consecutive months of billing history.

Utility Bill Pay
Go to and click on Utility Bill Pay. The utility bill pay system allows customers to view their City of Pocatello account for billing, payment and consumption history. Payments can be made online with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or e-check. Recurring payments can be set up to be paid on the due date listed on your statement with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or ACH.

Credit Card Payments
Pay with a debit card, credit card, or e-check by calling our office at 208-234-6241 or the 24-hour automated system at 1-877-253-0155.

**A $2.75 transaction fee will be charged on all card and e-check transactions.